February 2, 2016

Does this blog title sounds familiar to you? You know, Adele's very famous Hello? which is playing right now as I write this entry. Nothing much, just an update of what I'm doing and will be working on till I guess the end of semester. School work and plates has caught up with me, and I think I'm in a distress state. haha not really, but something like that. I'm taking a break for a few minutes and blogging came into my mind.  I know that I'm kinda procrastinating but this helps me think and can intercept me from panicking. So let me be.

It's the feast day of our place's Patron Saint, Nuestra SeƱora de la Candelaria today and sadly I couldn't go out to celebrate by any means. I was stuck at home trying to work on my plates. I also fixed my room early this morning, so it's not entirely bad. Atleast I got my productivity on a higher level today, which I badly need, I still got a pile of plates and a research on my list. Plus midterm exams is just around the corner, something that needs crucial preparation I presume.

    • History
      •   Plate - on progress
      • Research
    • Building Tech. Plates
    • Design Plate
    • Tropical Design Plate
and the list goes on. anyways, I think it's time to go back to work. Don't worry I'll be back.
Alive and kicking. :)

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