January 29, 2016

"There are all kinds of love in the world, but never the same love twice."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald | The Great Gatsby

As some of you may already know about this, last December 2015 we celebrated the annual National Architecture Week (NAW). Of course the most awaited event of the week was the Arki Night,which took place in Sarabia Manor Hotel and was themed from the roaring 20's, and was inspired from the movie adaptation of Fitzgerald's masterpiece, The Great Gatsby. 

To be honest, I still haven't finished watching the movie, but I did get a chance to read the amazing novel. And what got me interested the most was Mr. Gatsby and Daisy's thwarted love. Hopefully one of these days I'd be able to watch the whole movie and maybe someday I'd tell you my thoughts about it. Anyways back to the main thought of this post (haha peace!)  I'd like to share my Great Gatsby experience, which adds up on my list of awesome nights to remember.

One of the perks of the night is to be able to dress up like a super-glam flapper girl. The night I finally got a chance to wear a gold-glittered bodycon dress.1920's fashion was all about freedom, trying new things and having a whole lot of fun. I think I tried to pull a Daisy Buchanan look haha. And guess what guys! after a lot of careful research(lol) and youtube tutorials, I finally did my make up.  and Im proud to say I didn't turn into a clown.So I guess it was a success? haha! what do you think? 

The guest speaker, the one and only, Daddy! While he was giving his speech I was at the control area. I had to make sure his video presentation goes well, and it did. 

The program went well smoothly. From the remarks, lighting of the lanterns to the awarding of the winners of various NAW competitions, and finally to the high light of the evening....The search for Mr. Vitruvian Man 2015.

Elmer represented our year and of course I'm on full support! 

Candidates were tasked to prepare a pick up line which will be delivered in their production number. 

Elmer's own was...

Elmer:  (gets off stage and approached our department head)
Miss, miss... My nahulog. 

Head: Ano?

Elmer: Nahulog buot ko simo. :*)


Guess who won the competition.....
Yes! Elmer Prudente Jr. "Mr. Vitruvian Man 2015", I'm so proud!

That was really a night to remember. What do you think would be the theme for Arki night 2016? Well, whatever it is,  I bet it's gonna be another 'helluva' night. I can't wait! ;)

"My life has got to be like this,
it's got keep going up." - Jay Gatsby

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