January 24, 2016

It's never too late. haha This was supposed to be posted last year right after my "What's Up November" blog post, but for some reasons I didn't have time to compile and compose. Anyways, here's the "Squad Goal" Pictures I was talking about, including some BTS. haha 

Photos were taken at Sulu Garden, where we ate lunch. And we also stopped by somewhere near Tigbauan bridge. I can't exactly tell who took the pictures or whose phone was used, since we didn't have a dslr camera with us that time. That trip was spontaneous, as well as the so called squad goal photoshoot. lol So we just used whatever we got, enough to take some decent shots. Thanks to the iphone owners; Yang Fresco, Shin Claridad and Cjay Barruela, for sharing the photos. :)

The Boy's crazy jump shot.
And of course, our own jump shot (?) hahaha
Here's a few BTS photos. I actually brought my tripod that day and idk why. Since we didn't have any digital camera or monopod on hand, we just improvised. 
and tadaaa! haha

and here's the result! Yaay! haha with the help of the camera timer of course. ;)

to more accomplished goals!

Till next post.... 

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