October 4, 2015

When I actually had time not to worry about anything else besides losing in an ipad game. 

After almost a month of sleep deprivation and worrying about our AR 334, which was the Municipal Hall problem. We're finally done! although it would really matter if we had more time to finish and do some changes in our design. But since the deliberation day have passed all I could say now is that we did our best and I'm still proud of it. :)

and oh! Elmer and I are planning to do the revisions whenever we have time. and I'm thinking of sharing it here in my blog. So fingers crossed and hope that we'd be able to work on it soon.

So about last friday night....

After our last class for the day (statics), We went to Bo's atria to meet up with TOIS. I was really happy to see them after months of being busy at school. Even just for awhile it felt like I didn't have anything to worry about, except for the fact that I can't stay long cause I have curfew. hahaha and  tried an unfamiliar ipad game with elmer, virus vs. virus ? I'm not sure, but yeah I lost, and the pictures can tell you why. hahaha

 I'm glad we decided to go out before I went home. Hoping for more times like this to come :)

Photos from Vanesza (Bani) Abad. Thanks ban! labyow ;)

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