September 20, 2015

Finally, Midterm exams are over. but our workload still as heavy as before. haha ohwell! thanks to sundays we get to rest for  a bit (an hour or two haha) and recharge for another busy week. Not to mention that we've just started our OJT yesterday for Heritage Conservation.

Things to do/finish:

[] Finish Building Tech Plate
[] Finish Design: Plans
[] Prepare for Design Presentation
[] Work on our mock up model

I guess hell week isn't over after all. haha I'm currently taking a break from all the worries and trying to relax my mind (even just for a few minutes) before I start working again. All work and no play, is not healthy guys. Don't forget to rest and have fun from time to time. It could really help with the nerves and all.

hopefully after this I would have more time to blog, but for now i'll just leave this here and I guess I'll see you soon! 

                                                               Happy Sunday everyone! :)

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