August 29, 2015

Guys the wait is over! I finally have time to blog about our UAPSA National Congress 2015/ Subic trip last april. I know that this is super duper late already but I'll post it anyway.  But I have to tell you that this won't be a detailed travel post of the whole 4 day trip since there are some things that I already forgot. hehe

This was actually my first time to travel without any parent/guardian(hello independence!haha), so I was really excited! especially when the grupo were able to go and to be able to travel with elmer. Yay to another relationship goal! :)

It was a four day trip with fellow USA-UAPSA members and officers.  On our first day, we took the earliest flight in the morning to manila for us to have free time to do what we want to do before registration period,which is in the afternoon. We had time to wander, eat, shop, and eat again. haha

We spent one and a half day in metro manila, since in our second day we only had our team building in the morning and then right after we took 3 hours of travel(by bus) to Subic, where the rest of the activities were held.

Each day was a blast and I don't think one blog post is enough. haha yes! this is just the beginning and to be continued on another post. so stay tuned!

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