August 30, 2015

Natcon 2015 diary continues....

Our itinerary for our second day was already set. In the morning we had our team building and right  after we assembled at the UAP headquarters to get ready to take our 3 hours travel to Whiterock Waterpark and Beach Resort, Subic. 

 We woke up at 3am, packed our things, checked out in the hotel and by 5am we were already at the the UAP HQ for our team building. We already brought our bags and luggages with us that time cause we were supposed to leave manila as soon as we finish the activity. 

Our team building activity which is an Amazing race prepared by the UAPSA National Officers. You know that game where you go to one station then to another with different tasks and clues. In our case, we had the whole metro manila as our game area.

Delegates were mixed and grouped with other chapter members all over the philippines. There were 28 colors which represents each team. Since in our chapter we were only 30, we were all separated and put into different groups. 

I was scared at first since I'll be with other delegates who I really don't know, but at the same I was also excited to roam around manila, Even though I got separated with elmer and my friends, and I don't really know how to get to places. hahaha good thing our team leader was a delegate from FEU so he knew how to lead us and has an idea to where we should be and what we're supposed to do. 

There were eight members in our group, Team Pale Green! whooo!  and out of eight stations we finished six. We didn't have enough time to finish the race, cause we have to go back  to UAP HQ in Quezon city by 11 where our ride to subic was waiting and ready to leave, so we just decided to go back after the sixth station which was in Makati. Imagine the distance?haha

Although we weren't able to complete the race, I could say that I had fun especially when we were running to beat the other teams, doing the tasks, riding jeepneys, LRT, MRT,standing on the bus just get to the next sation and a lot more . I experienced a lot of new things, gained new friends and met a lot of future architects. This experience is something really worth to remember. Kudos to the officers who planned and prepared this amazing activity!

Im sorry if I can't really tell you in details how everything went through but I hope these can suffice. 

This was when we arrived at the HQ sharing and laughing at our team building moments, while waiting for the others  to arrive and to get ready to leave for subic. We were so tired and hungry at that time and we couldn't wait to arrive in the resort to rest and eat.hahaha

Natcon at subic coming up next.....

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