August 30, 2015

We arrived at the resort past 5 in the afternoon. We were really tired and hungry since we travelled straight to subic after our team building without stop overs. It's a good thing we ate a little bit before hitting the road. 
Here's one of the views of Whiterock Resort. We got a little hyped when we saw this, but we were more excited to fill our tummies.haha So when we arrived we immediately went to our designated rooms and started to get ready for the evening event, the welcome dinner.
Coachella inspired welcome dinner :)
USA Chapter delegates with Ar. Mike Guerrero 

after the dinner, we all had our own agendas. Some went back to their rooms, while others stayed at the beach front. We went strolling first, until we decided to hang out in our rooms and played games till we got knocked out. haha more like charging for energy for the next day's events.

Which was fully loaded with competitions, seminars, and for the evenings event, the Filipiniana themed awards night. 

Elmer joined the structural competition and won 2nd place. I'm so proud! :)
There was also Mr. and Ms. UAPSA during the awards night and these are our representatives for Area C.
USA chapter delegate, Nong Leomel! 
USA chapter
Our outfit of the night.
family picture daw. Sorry this is the clearest one I got. haha

Our last night in Subic didn't just end there, cause the fun continued during the After Party at the beach front! and the only thing that I could say is that, It was an amazing ( or should I say, crazy?) night. haha 

What happened in Subic, Stays in Subic ;)

UAPSA 22nd National Congress Delegates 

We all had a great time and the experiences will never be forgotten. We learned and met new friends. 
We began to understand that as young as we are, we can already do big things. We still have a lot to learn and this is only the beginning. But I know with passion and determination ,(and coffee haha) we will be able to reach our goals, especially as future architects.

Edifying filipino architecture amidst globalization.

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