August 1, 2015

Hello August! Time is really running fast these days. I know I haven't posted anything last month and I should already be posting our Subic Trip right now, but I've been too busy lately I didn't have time to edit and sort out pictures.

 July was crazy! Plates, quizzes, a lot of hand written research,and also events that we have to plan and organize. and now I can already feel that this is going to be another busy month, starting with our prelim exams on monday and not to mention more plates. We'll also have our University Intramurals 2015 this month (hello,football practice!) I can't promise a new post right away but hopefully I'd have time. 
These photos were taken during our team building last summer which I already blogged about here. I guess this is the part two?haha

I've been working a little bit harder this sem. It's not easy but I know it will all be worth it. 
to my fellow agustinians, Goodluck sa exam guys!

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