August 30, 2015

Before I continue my NatCon diary, let me just post this here and proudly say "We did it again!"
Just recently during our University Intramurals, we won and remained as champion of the women's football game for three consecutive years now. Thank you lord! we owe it all to you. :)

Remember when I shared it here in one of my post that I joined the CEA football team in  last year's Intramurals. That time I just started playing, I wasn't really into sports and stuff so I really  considered it as one of my biggest achievement. And playing again this year feels so good especially when you're with these awesome people.  I've learned a lot already, from the first time I stepped on the field, to kicking the ball,being hit by other players and hitting them back(joke lg hahahaha) and even to the first time the ball hit my face. haha I had so much fun and I don't mind playing again. 

I didn't just learn how to play and met new friends, I also gained a family. :)

"It takes a strong team to be a Champion. But it takes a Strong Family to be called "The Un-Beatables" -Ceegie Daquil


1st Game: CEA vs CMA
3 - 1

2nd Game: CEA vs CAS
4 - 0

3rd Game: CEA vs CPMT 
2 - 0
Umulan man o bumagyo, tuloy ang laban! haha

Championship Game: CEA vs CMA
1 - 0

Thank you coach, Nang Rinaaaa!

Basta Tekno, Astig!

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