June 12, 2015

I’ve been in a blog hiatus for almost a year and a lot has happened/changed since then. But even though I haven’t got enough time to update my blog, I’m still active in some of my social media accounts. If you follow me on instagram or twitter and somehow stumbled upon my posts and tweets, then I think you already have an idea of some of the highlights of my SY 2014-2015.

Other than school works, studying for exams and plates, I also had a lot of great experiences. I learned and tried new stuff, met and gained new friends, more adventures! and I guess I kinda put myself out of my comfort zone, which is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I also found love, and it’s not in a hopeless place ! okay corny, hahaha I guess some things will never change. But at least I tried! 

During the Arki Acquaintance Party at Solymar Beach Resort, Tigbauan
"Arki Neon, Ngayon, Magpakailanman."

I joined the Tekno football team, for reals! hahaha
Champions! woohooo! 


I think I got carried away and used a lot of photos in this post. haha I even got tempted to upload more,but I guess these will do. If you guys want to see more and some new updates, just follow me here and here. :)  

few more days left, Another school year is about to start. Are you ready? Don’t worry, I bet it’s going to be an amazing year. We can do this! :) 

Have fun & Goodluck!  

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