June 22, 2015

It’s the first weekend of the school year! Classes finally started guys, yeay for baon! So how’s your first week? Mine was okay, honestly I kinda miss going to school haha except the waking up early part. But it’s a good thing my new class schedule isn’t that bad compared to last year’s.

On our first day we had an organizational fair, we didn’t have class in our first and only subject in the morning which is design so we just stayed in the booth, waited for freshmen and had a jam session too with the officers till we had nothing else to do.

and oh! I’m now an Atelier officer for SY 2015-2016, Atelier is the student body of the Deparment of Architecture in our university. I joined the election last semester and got the position. To my fellow Agustinian arkis, Thank you so much! I promise to do my best along with my fellow officers to make sure that we’ll have an Arki-mazing year. :)

And to be prepared for the school year and the upcoming events that we have to plan, organize, etc..
We officers of Atelier, United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxilliary-USA Chapter and Pubukad (Pulaw,Bugtaw,Kayod sa Adlaw) had a Strategic Planning and team building last month. Which is a great opportunity to bond and get to know more with co-officers. From that experience aside from having a great time, I also learned the importance and the benefits  of team building.

“remember teamwork begins by building trust. and the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability.” - Patrick Lencioni

It helps develop TRUST among the members/officers. which is the most important factor that strengthens the bond of one another. In building trust, we become more comfortable with each other, which increases collaboration, have an effective communication and somehow ease conflicts.

“Only by binding together as a single force will we remain strong and unconquerable.” - Chris Bradford

Through different activities, we also identify one’s strengths and weaknesses, which can help us find out on what we should improve on and to know the team’s assets. 

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. - Henry ford”

Team building also helps develop the ability to solve problems. To think rationally and strategically when problem arises and to be able to work together in different circumstances. 

“The success of most organizations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams.”

The most important thing in team building is to improve leadership skills in each member. To improve productivity and motivate us to take new challenges, exposing each one to new ideas.Where we are free to express our own opinions and build up confidence. 

During the event, We were split into two groups. Group 1 as Team Bang and our group, Group 2 as Team 2Gud. I guess from all the activities(memory game,hula hoop relay, sack relay) the best part was the Volley Ball game. It wasn’t the usual since it’s the first time that we played that game with a huge ball. I didn’t help that much tho since I’m too small and I got scared that I might be squashed.hahaha but I really had fun! We all had a great time. And now that we had a successful team building, we’re all set and ready to lead,serve, perspire haha and inspire. ;)

P.S I’ll be posting our Subic Trip/UAPSA National Congress soon. #Subic2015
 So do visit my blog again for updates :)

Photos from: Vam Vam Macabanti

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