June 11, 2015

For those who don't know, I’m an Architecture student. I’m one of those people who gets less sleep and gets a lot of school works, which we call “plates”. It’s been tough but I have no regrets. Despite all  the sleepless nights and loads of work, Im still having fun at the same time. I guess the architecture life chose me (ay abaw hahaha maybe).

But before I can finally proceed in my 3rd year we were required to take the Qualifying Exam, composed of all our major subjects from 1st year to 2nd year (Design, Theory, History, Building Technology and Building Utilities) which we took last week. and guess what? I passed ! :)

Now some of you might be wondering what I’ve been doing this summer. No, I didn’t study the whole time and Yes! I had fun. Even while we were studying and spending time at coffee shops. Trying out new places and food here in Iloilo. 

So what else did I do?

Last april we had the UAPSA National Congress at Subic, Manila. which is one awesome experience and will be in a separate post (soon).  

When we went back, just like every summer I had to work and practice for my grandfather, who’s an architect. But the fun didn’t end there. We also went to Guimaras to swim, had meet ups with friends, team building, road trips, had a few council meetings, meet up with more friends and spent the whole day laughing and talking about what we’ve missed.  To sum it all up, I really had a great time and can’t wait for next year’s adventure. 

How’s your summer guys? I know some are still enjoying their last hurrah for summer 2015. Catching sunsets at the beach, Road trips, Food trips and any other trips or adventures you can think of. It’s not too late to take out those oh-la-la swimsuits and pack for one more adventure before we finally go back to facing books,holding pens and waking up early, instead of looking at a beautiful scenery, holding refreshing drinks  and  waking up at 12 noon with no worries. 

 But if you’re the type who gets excited for school and can’t  wait for classes to start, I guess by now you’ve already prepared yourself for the first day. Organized schedules, last minute school supply hauls and planned lunch dates with the gang. Well, whatever you guys are doing I hope you’re having fun! 'Cause I am :) 

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