June 22, 2015

It’s the first weekend of the school year! Classes finally started guys, yeay for baon! So how’s your first week? Mine was okay, honestly I kinda miss going to school haha except the waking up early part. But it’s a good thing my new class schedule isn’t that bad compared to last year’s.

On our first day we had an organizational fair, we didn’t have class in our first and only subject in the morning which is design so we just stayed in the booth, waited for freshmen and had a jam session too with the officers till we had nothing else to do.

and oh! I’m now an Atelier officer for SY 2015-2016, Atelier is the student body of the Deparment of Architecture in our university. I joined the election last semester and got the position. To my fellow Agustinian arkis, Thank you so much! I promise to do my best along with my fellow officers to make sure that we’ll have an Arki-mazing year. :)

And to be prepared for the school year and the upcoming events that we have to plan, organize, etc..
We officers of Atelier, United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxilliary-USA Chapter and Pubukad (Pulaw,Bugtaw,Kayod sa Adlaw) had a Strategic Planning and team building last month. Which is a great opportunity to bond and get to know more with co-officers. From that experience aside from having a great time, I also learned the importance and the benefits  of team building.


June 12, 2015

I’ve been in a blog hiatus for almost a year and a lot has happened/changed since then. But even though I haven’t got enough time to update my blog, I’m still active in some of my social media accounts. If you follow me on instagram or twitter and somehow stumbled upon my posts and tweets, then I think you already have an idea of some of the highlights of my SY 2014-2015.

Other than school works, studying for exams and plates, I also had a lot of great experiences. I learned and tried new stuff, met and gained new friends, more adventures! and I guess I kinda put myself out of my comfort zone, which is one of the best decisions I’ve made. I also found love, and it’s not in a hopeless place ! okay corny, hahaha I guess some things will never change. But at least I tried! 


June 11, 2015

For those who don't know, I’m an Architecture student. I’m one of those people who gets less sleep and gets a lot of school works, which we call “plates”. It’s been tough but I have no regrets. Despite all  the sleepless nights and loads of work, Im still having fun at the same time. I guess the architecture life chose me (ay abaw hahaha maybe).

But before I can finally proceed in my 3rd year we were required to take the Qualifying Exam, composed of all our major subjects from 1st year to 2nd year (Design, Theory, History, Building Technology and Building Utilities) which we took last week. and guess what? I passed ! :)

Now some of you might be wondering what I’ve been doing this summer. No, I didn’t study the whole time and Yes! I had fun. Even while we were studying and spending time at coffee shops. Trying out new places and food here in Iloilo. 

So what else did I do?


June 9, 2015

Hi there! I know it's been a while since I last posted here, a year to be exact.  I was too busy at school,surviving my second year in college (proud to say, I’m a survivor!) and trying to maintain a social life hahaha that I easily get distracted with stuff or I didn’t have time to even write something. Trust me, I tried a couple times but end up tweaking the layout instead.

I’ve been trying to blog for a very long time now and sad to say there are  times that I wanted to delete this, since I couldn’t maintain it or like have something to blog about. I was preoccupied with other stuff and kinda lost my enthusiasm in writing. I know, its horrible! but all those deep thinking, meditations? (umm? haha ) and early morning thoughts came to a decision…..

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