May 24, 2014

During this time of the year, I know that almost everyone is ecstatic and very eager to have a great time. And mostly, Everyone would go to the beach to swim, have barefoot walks on the sand and join in the rhythm of the waves. Going to the beach is always on our summer to do list. Especially on mine.

and of course I don't go empty handed. besides from a roomy beach bag and that ooh-la-la
swimming attire. Here are 7 of my basic summer essentials.
  FLIP-FLOPS  -  Who goes to the beach without a pair? I know I wouldn't. 

 SUNBLOCK - When I go out, especially when we go to the beach. I never forget to apply sunblock. This is very important, since it protects our skin from the harsh rays of the sun. In choosing a sunblock, my preference would be the spf. The greater spf, the

 SUNNIES - One of my favorites. It doesn't only make you stylish but it also helps protect your eyes. UV rays can do just as much damage to your eyes as to your skin.

 BEACH HAT -  These will always add a pop of style to your beach outfit. So don't hesitate to try and invest in different styles.

 HAIR BRUSH & HAIR TIES - If I want to swim first thing I do is tie my hair. I don't usually put hair serums so I make sure after I'm done         and had enough fun, I would thoroughly wash my hair and brush all the tangled strands away. I don't want my hair tangled into oblivion.

CELLPHONE - When I'm not swimming or playing and have nothing to do, my phone comes to the rescue.Especially when I feel bored or whenever I want to play tunes from my summer playlist. (or take selfies) haha

WATER BOTTLE - One thing that we should be mindful about while having fun in the sun is to keep our body hydrated. Salt water or chlorine is not healthy.So I think it's an essential to bring your own water bottle filled with safe distilled

If you want to know more or if want to share your list of summer essentials,
Don't hesitate to leave a comment below. :)

Visit my blog again soon for my next entry which will cover our fun day at the beach with
my college buddies. 


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