May 27, 2014

You might have noticed from my previous post "Having fun in the Sun" that I wasn't in any of the photos. Obviously because I was the one taking them and I decided to have a separate post for my ootd. 

and, here it is! 
P.S Don't mind my messy hair 

Though I didn't specifically choose fashion as my niche for my blog, I'll still be having outfit posts from time to time. Actually, I'm having a lot of fun every time we do funshoots for my OOTD. So whenever I see an opportunity to have one I would immediately grab my camera and!

One reason why I didn't want to have a fashion blog is because I rarely have time for shoots. Now that the school year is about to start, I will really be busy again. But don't worry, I'll make plans and spare myself time for this blog of mine. I promise I will update as often as I could. 

Have a nice day!

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