May 25, 2014

Earlier this month, my college buddies and I went to Raymen Beach Resort, Guimaras.
We wanted to relax,have heaps of fun and to feel free before summer vacation finally ends. 

Raymen Beach has a beautiful scenery, white sand, clear water and it's not too crowded. A perfect place to have some R&R and of course to have a good time with friends, family or a special someone.

The last time that we went to this place was last year. It was after final exams of the first semester wherein we spontaneously decided to go to Guimaras, just to have lunch at yang's house. We did, though after that we ended up swimming at the beach. We were not prepared but still we swam with the only clothing we've got. I honestly can't resist the cool and clear water. 

 Before we went home we tried to air dry ourselves. Most of us were completely dried up, but for some..... :) 

Memories were treasured that day. We really had a great time which is also the reason why we came back. To relive memories and make new ones.

Yang, Thank you for the food and for planning the whole trip. We love you! haha

We can't deny the fact that summer is fading away, So before it literally ends and we start facing books and get busy again. Don't forget to have some time for yourself, to Feel free, make fun memories and relax. Make this as one of THE best summer you ever had. And when the time finally comes you'll never feel regret and definitely you're already freshened up and ready to face another year of acads and work loads.  

Thanks to another helluva summer! 

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