October 20, 2013

Hey! I know its been a long time since my last post. I have been to busy with school work 
and most of all surviving college.I'm now officially an Arki Student and Just finished first semester
 in our 1st year.

I've already been in zombie mode (no sleep mode) for a few times 
since the semester started. but I guess the course I chose is what I really wanted 
and I have no plan of giving up. I know that it will all be worth it in the end.

and I also don't have plans to stop on blogging, now that we're on sembreak I have more time
to update my blog  and actually post something. Since being an arki is not easy and time is always running,
 I have challenged myself to have a blog post at least once a week. (Hope this will work.fingers crossed)
and keep this blog alive as possible.

Sorry for my weird pose, I guess I need more practice. haha. This was taken during our Acquaintance party
last July. yaaaah! I know it was months ago. But what matters now is that I'm back. right?
even though you missed the part that I permed my hair permanently.
 but eventually got tired of it and turned it back to straight. I know, I was crazy.haha

Now that I've returned, In the next few days  I'll be blogging about:
    -  Arki: Visits Iloilo Churches
- Arki life, so far (1st sem)
       - UAPSA Acquaintance Party

but for now lets lay down in our beds, close our 
beautiful eyes and have a good sleep. 
Time check 1:35 am. 

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