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October 20, 2013

 As an Arki student it is important that you know the different local churches that you have. 
It was only in this trip that I got to visit and know other local historical churches which has been well-preserved by many Ilonggos.
As part of our requirements for our midterm in one of our subjects, which is Theory of Design. We were
required to pass a research and reaction paper on three different churches; Molo, Tigbauan and Miag-ao church. But because some of us (especially me) haven't seen a particular church on the list, We  decided
and prepared a trip to tigbauan and miag-ao.

The first stop is Tigbauan Church, This is how it looks like in the inside. I only have 
the interior photos, I don't know where the others went. hehe. peace. 

What I really love the most is its mosaic walls, which is made up of colorful stone murals. Amazing
how people a long time ago made and designed such magnificent churches. They're indeed true artists and great architects.

After learning so much from the rich history Tigbauan church, Since we still had a lot of time to spare
we had a quick stop in SEAFDEC(Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center).

After that, On our way to Miag-ao, I got to see and took a picture of Guimbal church.  We ate lunch at sulu garden then went to the famous Miag-ao church. There's a belief that when you get to visit a church for the first time you can have a wish and it will come true. Since it was my first time and because I believe in wishes that comes true, I did make a wish.hahaha 

I got awestrucked the moment I saw the facade and the amazing intricate designs of Miag-ao church. Which is described as the finest example of Fortress Baroque Church.

And that was it,  but we all know a trip won't be complete without group pictures. This is one of 
my favorite shots I saw in my camera, others were uploaded via facebook. If you want you can see them in my fb account photos. 
I learned a lot and even had fun during the trip, Architecture always has a way to amaze and
continue to inspire me in reaching my goal. I hope it does the same way to you too.

Have a good evening everyone! :)

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