Orange Pulp

June 6, 2013

Dress: Betty | Sandals: Parisian | Pouch: _fashionbureau_ | 
Earings: WWW | D.I.Y Necklace:  by mom | Belt: WWW

Bought this aztec pouch on one of the legit shops on instagram. Do check out their shop
through their insta account (ig: _fashionbureau_)

D.I.Y necklace made by my mom.

We all know that during chinese celebrations, like birthdays. Chinese People often wear red. 
Which is already a dress code etiquette and is very traditional. Not only to chinese, but also
to many others around the globe.  I was invited by my best friend Hazel(Chinese) to a birthday party
one day and was told that I have to wear anything red.  But sadly couldn't find one in my closet 
until I saw this orange floral dress and decided to wear it 
instead which was btw also okay to wear according to Hazel. ;)

So here's my outfit during the party. I was being my matchy-matchy self that time
and paired it with orange sandals. haha. 
Opening of Classes (for college) is fast approaching! are you guys ready?

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