Tippi Degré

May 20, 2013

Born in Africa to French wildlife photographer parents, Tippi Degré had a most unusual childhood. 
This young girl grew up in the African desert and developed an uncommon bond with many
 untamed animals including a 28-year old African elephant named Abu, a leopard nicknamed J&B, 
lion cubs, giraffes,an Ostrich, a mongoose, crocodiles, a baby zebra,
 a cheetah, giant bullfrogs, and even a snake.
 Africa was her home for many years and Tippi became friends with the ferocious animals and 
tribespeople of Namibia. As a young child, the French girl said, “I don’t have friends here. 
Because I never see children. So the animals are my friends."
Tippi's close bonds with wild animals made her quite famous. Her mother said, 
"She was in the mindset of these animals. She believed the animals were her size and her friends. 
She was using her imagination to live in these different conditions."
Saw this amazing little girl one day on the internet. I admire her and the bond she have with the animals.
She really had an unusual but really amazing childhood.
 Got inspired with the photos that her parents took, and had a strange idea having
a photo of me hugging a real live panda.haha. *fingers crossed*

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