No need to say goodbye

May 4, 2013

I hope its not too late to blog about this. but here it is..
Im proud to say that I am one of the high school graduates of 2013.

And I'll be entering college soon. but before that, let me show you some
photos taken from our graduation ball and what I wore that night.
Photo by: Condring Castaneda III

This Cocktail dress was designed by yours truly and was made by Nonoy Jaranilla

With fellow batch alumni officers Bianca and Hazel

one of these days I'll be making a blog post about my group of friends.
but for now  here are some photos with them, the TOIS.
and If you see this guys "HI!"

"You'll come back when it's over ,No need to say good bye"
Batch song, The Call by Regina Spektor

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