I wanna be forever young

May 17, 2013

Just recovered files from my old hard disk and found a lot of photos.
I was one year younger in these photos.Oh, How I wish I could be forever young.
Dress: Fashion Group | Shoes: Gibi | Bunny wire headband: sm accesories|
I really like to be covered in soft/pastel colors. 
Actually, I bought this dress for an event in school, but sadly didn't have any photos.
So when I played dress-up with my sisters one day, I wore this and had a little photoshoot.
(playing dress-up is kinda my thing since I was 4 , and still doing it with 
my little sisters and friends whenever we have free time)
So I guess you guys know, that I'll be forever young at heart.haha. 
even if the time comes that I have white hair and wrinkles(hoping not to have these), 
I still want to be cool and play on playgrounds, climb on fences just to go out of the house
 and have lol moments with my friends.(haha.just kidding).

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