How to make your own flower crown

May 25, 2013

Hello Everyone! Here's my first ever DIY post. Yeay! 
I have been planning to make a blog post about this for a month already. 
Since flower crowns is all the rage these days, and I know lots of you want to have your own.
 So here I'm gonna show you how to make your own flower crown.

You will need:
1. Fake flowers   2. Glue gun & glue sticks  3. Pliers  4. Floral tape 5. Scissors  6. Floral Wires

So first, you need to take the floral wires and measure it to the width of your head.

Take 3 strips of your measured wires and then braid them all together.
After your'e done with that, measure it again to the size of your head. 

and fasten them with the use of your pliers

It should look something similar to this

Next, make sure that there's no pointed wires that will poke in your head.
So you need to take the floral tape and wrap it around those wires.

Then take your fake flowers. You'll see that there's a little bit of stem on the flower, with the use
of your scissors/ pliers just cut it off.

Then, take your fake flowers again and set them out with a desired pattern. 
After your done, take your glue gun and dab a glue right in center of the bottom of the flower and
then press it on to the wire.

and just keep on doing that with the pattern of flowers that you've set out.
Tip: It's nice if you could put leaves on your flower crown.

and then you're done.
Taraa! Here it is. My flower crown *insert super huge grin here*

I also made a thinner flower crown. hehe. which you might have already seen on my instagram
photo teaser about this blog post. I know that there's a lot of methods 
and tutorials on how to make flowers crowns, here's how I made mine. 
Its fast, easy and definitely fun. 

P.S If you tried and made one with this tutorial
don't forget to email me a picture of your beautiful flower crown.
I would be happy to see it and maybe make a blog post
of your DIY flower crowns. 

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