Heat Wave

May 6, 2013

Top: Baby-z | Sunnnies: Ray-ban | Pants: Crissa | Shoes: Parisian | Accesories: Sm Accesories

I still manage to smile even though the sun was already killing me. haha
Yes,The summer heat is still on and its getting hotter every single day.
But that won't stop me from blogging. Arianne and I had a meeting a few minutes after
taking these photos. So it was kind of a rush photoshoot. 

Quick reminder : When you go out and want to embrace the sun
don't forget to put on sunblock. the higher spf, the better. also, drink a lot of h2o, its 
good to keep yourself hydrated in times like this.

Photos taken by Arianne Mangilin, visit her blog. you'll love her looks.

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