Trial and Error

April 20, 2013

For everyone to know, I have been in the blogosphere for a long time (since 2011),
visiting and reading daily updates of my favorite bloggers is all I do, which became a habit by the way.
I didn't have a blog then, though I was planning to make one, didn't have the guts to do it.
But I did try a few times and even literally customized & studied tutorials for htmls, and 
took photos too.

As I was organizing my hard disk, I found a few photos of myself that was supposed to 
be in my blog then and thought of posting them here. 

All photos were taken last Summer 2012.

With my bestfriend/blogger buddy Arianne Mangilin. who is now in the process
of creating her blog. which will be open to public very soon. You'll love her.

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